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It’s really pretty straight forward to be honest. We had the opportunity to move back home to Northern Maine so we asked ourselves, what can we offer the community that we feel it needs and fits into our passion/skill set.  Rick can do what he does for his company Medical Minds in Motion from anywhere in the country so on January 1st, 2017, we decided to begin planning the formation of a fitness facility in Fort Kent.


On June 3, 2017, our doors opened and Too Far North Fitness/CrossFit SJV was born.  We welcome anyone to come stop by and see what we are all about and it’s our mission to not only make you feel comfortable but to also show you that it doesn’t need to be intimidating or scary.  We’ll constantly evolve as we continue to grow and invest back into our athletes as it’s our goal to help people get stronger, be happier and charge down that path of improving their overall health.

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226 West Main Street

Fort Kent, Maine 04743



Tel: 615-821-6770